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OK, these questions aren't really asked frequently, but we're speculating about what you might like to know.

Q:How can I search these FAQs for my own question? A:We don't have a search engine, but Ctrl F will usually work.
Q:How do I complain about an issue such as inappropriate posting or malfunctioning of the list? A:Send it to the Administrator at the address below.
Q:What should I do if I don't hear from the Administrator about complaints or other issues? A:The Administrator is a volunteer and may not respond for hours or even days. If the delay seems excessive, you can send a message to the list hosting service: support@mailmanlists.net if your question is purely technical.
Q:Can I select which topics I want to see and which I don't? A:Basically, no. The Mailman platform does not offer tools to do so. You may be able to create rules in your email client application to divert emails with certain keywords to your deleted items folder.
Q:When should I use "Reply" vs. "Reply all" vs. "Reply List? A:Unfortunately, this depends on how your email client app works. If you just want to reply to a post, use whatever option shows only the list address in the To line and nothing in the CC line. If you want to reply privately to the sender, use whatever option shows their address in the To line and nothing in the CC line. You may have to use "Reply all" and then remove the list address before sending. Just using "Reply all" can have unintended consequences. If you want to start a new thread with a different topic, don't use any reply option. Send an email with a new subject line to radg@lists.radg.us
Q:How do I access the archives? A:Go to the User Interface (UI), sign in, and then you will see a blue box to access the archives. There is a search box right of center at the top of the archives page. The posts are indexed about once an hour, so you may not retrieve the most recent posts.
Q:How are the archives organized? A:In "threads", a series of posts with the same subject, and created by replying to the original message or any response.
Q:Can I use this list as I would an on-line forum? A:Yes, although the forum may not look or behave as you expect. Access the archives via the UI as described above. The threads with the most recent posts are at the top. Click on any thread to open it, read the posts, and reply if you want. Click the small reply arrow at the bottom of any post and you will be given the option of replying to that thread or opening a new one.
Q:Can I attach a document, chart, or photo to a post? A:Yes, but the service may not accept very large attachments.
Q:Can I CC a message to another recipient? A:Yes, but try not to CC to someone who is already a member.
Q:Can I post ads to the list? A:Not unless the ad is for a short course, conference, publication, etc. that is of interest to risk analysts.