Risk Analysis Discussion Group

The Risk Analysis Discussion Group is designed as a forum for risk analysis professionals and other interested parties to exchange information and opinions about a wide variety of issues important to its members. Differences in opinions are not only allowed but encouraged as long as the posts are respectful of these differences.

Content of Posts

A post on the RADG list often is stimulated by a news story or popular science coverage of some risk-related topic. The initial post in a string may simply bring that topic to the attention of the list or may add some positive or negative opinions about it. Subsequent posts in the string may provide additional information relevant to the issue or futher opinions about it. Frequently, some content in a post will cause the discussion to veer into another issue deserving of a whole new string. An example string is provided in PDF format here.

Other Uses for the List

For historic reasons, most of the early posts have been limited to discussions like the one in the example above, but the list is happy to receive other types, such as:
  • Questions regarding sources of information for a particular type of analysis.
  • Questions regarding preferred methods for conducting a particular type of analysis.
  • Questions about using some analytic tool.
  • Announcing a new position for risk analysts.
  • Announcing a conference or short course for risk analysts.
  • Announcing a newly issued book or publication on risk analysis.