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Filtering an email just means to divert it to a place where it is less visible or even invisible to you. Although you might want to filter all posts with certain topics, usually you want to deal with emails from a particular member.

Filtering can best be accomplished by configuring your email client application. Usually this entails diverting the email to a Spam or Junk folder, or even to your Deleted Items folder. If you can avoid the temptation of peeking into these folders, it is likely the easiest option. How to do this varies among the different email clients, but often entails creating a "rule" that performs the diversion on the basis of a name or email address appearing in the "From" or "Subject" parts of the email header.

Important! With RADG, the email address in the "From" line is always radg@lists.radg.us, so the usual way of filtering a sender will act on all posts, not just the ones from the offending member. Instead, choose the member's name as it appears in the "From" line. For example, if that line shows "Mary Smith via Risk Analysis ..." you can use "Mary Smith" in the filter rule.

Because of the way that Mailman constructs the "From" line, blacklisting at the level of your email service provider will probably not work well, either.

Note that you may still see the posts of the offender as part of the thread in some other member's reply.


Here are some resources for filtering emails. The list is not complete, and some may not work the same on phones or tablets as on desktops.

Gmail Outlook 365 Outlook.com
Apple Yahoo Comcast/Xfinity
AT&T AOL Thunderbird