Risk Analysis Discussion Group

The Risk Analysis Discussion Group is a mailing list ("the list") that forwards e-mails ("posts") to a list of subscibers ("members") that are interested in risk analysis issues and have signed up to receive the posts. The list was established in late 2023 by Steve Brown with the help of several members of an older list (RISKANAL) who wanted a platform with better functionality. The list is powered by Mailman 3 , an open-source suite of programs that manages the membership, forwards the posts, and maintains an archive. The RADG list is hosted by MailmanLists, which hosts multiple lists via an installation of Mailman 3. The list functionality has been configured to serve the preferences of an informal group of risk analysis professionals and other interested parties.


The list is intended to be a joint project of all the members, but needs someone(s) to fund and manage its operation. Currently, hosting costs about US$47 per year, which is donated by Steve Brown as "Owner" of the list. Steve also currently serves as Administrator and Moderator for the list. He is also responsible for the funding and management of the website you are visiting, RADG.us. That site is hosted by Hostinger and currently costs about US$50 for two years. Although Steve is willing to continue in these roles as long as he can, he would welcome an organization willing to take over the funding and management. Steve can be contacted at the address in the gray box below.


Although the list can run on auto-pilot most of the time, it needs periodic funding and occasional administrative attention. In case it appears that the list is malfunctioning and attempts to contact the Owner/Admnistrator fail, some member of the list can contact the hosting service by sending an e-mail to support@mailmanlists.net. Please identify yourself as a member of radg@mailmanlists.gdn and use the same e-mail to send it as you use to post to the list. Similarly, to reach the hosting service for radg.us, send an e-mail to support@hostinger.com. Help at both hosting services will be easier if you have the credentials for the account, i.e. username and password. Any member willing to be a "keeper of the keys" by retaining this information as a backup may send an e-mail to the address in the gray box below. As a last resort, anyone wishing to restart the list in a new account can find a list of subscriber e-mails Here and a backup copy of the archives Here (presuming the website hosting has not expired). You will probably need the help of the new hosting service to do the latter properly.